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28. Musician/Singer. I like my girlfriend, music, girls, tattoos, girls, fitness, tv, movies, and more music. I sing in The Bar Fly Effect and am a certified personal trainer. lastfm Check out my last FM for music. Music, TV, movies. My YouTube Channel

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energy drink? check
chia squeeze? check
coconut water? check
energy? nope

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if she’s even able to walk after sex you didnt do it right

yeah you’re supposed to cut her legs off 

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what love is

i remember the first time
that our lips met
my hands and lips and eyes
so nervous
yours so sure
so smooth and calm
you knew what you were doing
you said “i’ll teach you”
and you did
you taught me
and you trained me
to kiss you the way
you wanted to be kissed
and hold you
the way you wanted to be held
and i showed you
what it was to be loved
with no pressure
for it in return
how many years it’s been
and i’m still trying
to find it in return
to get the love back
that i gave so freely
so long ago
and still do
and i’ll keep waiting
because that’s
what love is

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shouldn’t it say something that if my boss is gone for a few days nobody really notices but if i take a long lunch that people freak the fuck out? and yet he probably makes three times what i do. fml.

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During the 9th inning of Lincecum’s no hitter the Mariners were periodically showing a live feed of the Giants/Pads game DURING their game against the Angels. Seeing the Seattle fans cheering so hard for Tim while still watching their own game was really amazing. When it gets near the end, even the players and umpires are watching the jumbotron.

I also love the broadcasters laughing. Great moment. Great baseball fans.

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I want someone to kiss my neck & tell me how much they want me

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